Hi. I'm Fred Loewenthal.

Welcome to my site. I'm the Author of I'm Bilingual – Yo Soy Bilingüe®, the most complete bilingual learning and reference book.

Bienvenido a mi sitio. Yo soy el autor de I'm Bilingual – Yo Soy Bilingüe®, el libro mas completo de estudio y referencia bilingüe.

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“ To know a second language is your passport to a new world of opportunities ”

“ Saber un segundo idioma es su pasaporte a un nuevo mundo de oportunidades ”


I'm Bilingual-Yo Soy Bilingue®
As the world becomes more globalized, we and our children have an increasing need to communicate in more than one language. As a multilingual speaker, educator, and author of I'm Bilingual-Yo Soy Bilingue®, Fred Loewenthal has recognized the need of becoming incresingly compelled to communicate in more than one language. Neither soley a dictionary nor a conventional textbook, this bilingual English-Spanish learning and reference book has been crafted to help English & Spanish speakers learn a second language to meet the increasing personal and professional need for multilanguage communications. I'm Bilingual-Yo Soy Bilingue® is a practical, concise and comprehensive book that helps readers and students learn grammatical terms, glossaries, idiomatic expressions and every day expressions in both English and Spanish in an intuitive, person-to-person style regardless of which language is your native tongue. English glossaries include Human Anatomy, Basic Computer & Internet terms, Main Fruits & Vegetables, Seafood & Seafood & Fresh Water Fish, Vegetables, Aviation & Maritime Terms, Transportation, Retail Industry, Tourism & Entertainment, Sports and more.

A medida que el mundo se globaliza, nosotros y nuestros hijos estamos obligados en comunicarnos en mas de un solo idioma. I'm Bilingual-Yo Soy Bilingue® es un libro practico, conciso y comprensivo que ayuda al usuario a aprender los terminos gramaticales, glosarios, expresiones idiomaticas y expresiones diarias en Ingles y en espanol de una manera intuitiva de persona-persona. El libro incluye extensos glosarios incluyendo anatomia humana, terminos basicos de computacion e internet, frutas y vegetales, peces de agua dulce y de mar, terminologia maritima y aerea, deportes, turismo, transportacion, conversiones liquida, volumen, peso, distancia y mas.


Fred Loewenthal Management, Education, Training and Teaching Experience.
Fred Loewenthal is a graduate of Cornell University with a BS degree in Hotel Administration and also attended Columbia University, School of General Studies. Fred is a multilingual person including English, Spanish & German with a basic understanding of French and Portuguese. Fred worked for seventeen years with Intercontinental Hotels Corp in numerous countries throughout the world and eight years for Marriott Hotels in the United States. Fred’s teaching experience includes universities, colleges, and schools in multi- ethnic environments. He has taught at Miami Dade College for several years and private institutions as well. He has over twenty year’s operational and administrative experience in human resources and training, including adult education as well as wide-ranging management development programs. Management experience includes supervision of professional and administrative personnel, including executive training programs. Educational work experience includes business administration, hospitality management, accounting, and the teaching of English & Spanish as second languages.